#Paycasma- Exchange Dynamics

Terms & conditions

Terms and Conditions

User Account: At Paycasma, a customer is allowed to have one account on our website with which all transactions can be carried out, customers account will be deleted in the event of such occurrence with or without the customer’s notice.

Refund Policy: we do not refund money after payment, but in certain cases where we are required to refund, a 10% surcharge fee will be deducted upon refund.

Exchange Rate: Due to the volatility nature of cryptocurrency, both buying and selling rates are valid for the same day, any order that payment is not received the same day will be calculated using the current day exchange upon which the payment is made.

Bitcoin Transaction: Customers are paid the exact value using the exact time recorded of the blockchain network. You can query your transactions using www.blockchain.info.

Sell Order: Paycasma will only pay Naira equivalent of the net amount of digital assets we receive using our exchange rates at that time. We do not pay for transaction charges/fees.

Processing Duration: All trades are processed instantly and as swiftly as possible. However, the maximum processing time for any order is 24 hours if there is a scarcity or unforeseen situations.

You agree to maintain calmness and patience while we sort out the issue.


Paycasma reserves the right to suspend and suspicious or fraudulent transactions coming from an unclear source to us, we may be required to ask for additional verification documentation or channel to the appropriate agency for necessary actions.

You agree that you will not use our platform or services for any form of money laundering and terrorism activities.

That we will keep all transactions and make them available to relevant authorities when the needs arise.

By using our website you agree that you have come of legal age in your country of resident.

E currency and bank account funding are final, you cannot request a refund once funds is been remitted.

You are responsible for supplying your correct E-currency account details, Paycasma will not be liable for any loss resulting in the event that you supplied wrong account details for funding.

Paycasma also reserves the right to make changes and revise the policies at any time without prior notice.

By using our services you agree to be bound by all the terms stated here.